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At Hypnosis Healers we specialize in emotional healing, removing blocks and eliminating fear that feeds stress and anxiety.

Our group was formed by a serendipitous meeting of women seeking change with a passion to create powerful shifts for other women.

If you are ready for change, are at a crossroads, are experiencing challenges in your everyday life, or simply want more holistic self care, we invite you to book a complementary consultation below.

Julie Cass

Certified Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, Yoga Instructor

Founder/CEO of The Positive Change Group.

  • Best-selling Author

  • Business Coach

  • Health & Wellness Expert

  • Keynote Speaker

Hellen Buttigieg

Certified Hypnotist, NLP & Mindset Coach

  • TV Personality

  • Oracle Card reader

  • Guided healing meditations

Robin Dewhurst

Certified Hypnotist & Psychotherapist

  • Robin Dewhurst- MA Th (SCP) RP

  • Reiki

  • Spiritual guide to heal generational wounds

  • Releasing old patterns and energy.

Jenn Silvaggi

Social Worker/Therapist & Hypnotherapist MSW

  • Social Worker/Therapist

  • Hypnotherapist (MSW)

  • Intrinsic Life Coach

  • Meditation Teacher.