From consulting and strategy development to hypnosis sessions and support, see what our clients say about our holistic services.

Here's what our clients say

I’ve had sooooo many huge shifts since my hypnosis sessions. I instantly saw changes in my relationships. I felt stuck before. Now I’m open to dating. I have been calmer and more patient with my teens, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed. I feel like there’s been so much growth. I’m more honest about my feelings, good and bad. My life has definitely shifted for the better.

~ Kal B

You have a way of unleashing that buried truth that lives inside of us. That next step you know you need to take, the answer naturally rises to the surface and is no longer fraught with fear. Your gifts as a guide are endless, but overall, your ability to help us embrace our truth is crucial to personal growth and birthing your authentic self.

~ Silvana L.

Working with you has been very enlightening.

Loved the different ways/approaches you used - it was both fascinating and motivating - didn’t want it to stop and the sessions always went by too fast.

Loved the hypnosis recordings and listened to them anytime I could.

Over the last few weeks, more new clients have approached me out of nowhere and new opportunities have come my way.

So grateful!

~ Laurence M.

After my weight-loss hypnotherapy sessions, I’m down 10 pounds!!

I had a recent non-scale victory during my class thanks to my hypnosis. It was the instructor’s birthday and she LOVES Starburst candy (as do I!!). Someone brought a Costco size bag and poured out candy on all the tabletops prior to anyone arriving. I wasn’t tempted, I didn’t touch the ones in front of me and told the folks on either side of me that they could have mine. I’m so thankful for the help and support.

~ Linda G

"Hypnosis has a unique ability to tap into a deeper place inside oneself."

~ Myrka B.

Great experience! Very positive energy. It gave me clarity and helped me outline some directions in life to focus on.

~ Vera N.

"I am living my best life. I didn't know I could be this healthy."

~ C.

"Just wanted to say thank you again. The session with you has changed me on so many levels. The downloads are still happening and they are so exciting!"

~ J.

“I feel so amazing, like I have a new skip in my step. I don’t ever remember feeling this way before. It feels so awesome.”

~ Lynn K.

You helped me to realize the key to unlocking my potential, and ultimately getting ‘unstuck’, is by connecting the dots from my childhood and healing past experiences. This alone has created a cosmic shift in how I now see my value and the limitless possibilities in my life. You always creates a safe space to be open and vulnerable. She is respectful in guiding and nudging you to consider what is needed for your healing and to help you meet your greatest potential.

~ Elizabeth D.

”I have to tell you about this week. It has been amazing in terms of feeling happy and peaceful. The feedback I am getting from people is actually shocking. Yesterday I had several different interactions that were all positive and people either commented about my energy, my success in my role or sent me an email. It was kinda crazy.

~ Susan E.

I sought out help with hypnotherapy in regards to my daughter having night terrors. We had been struggling for months with what seemed like no end in sight. Both my daughter and I were ready to find a solution to her night terrors and even though she didn't remember them, she felt the lack of sleep affecting her day-to-day life and I began to notice signs of anxiety in her. We noticed a change in my daughter right away. You were able to ask her the right questions to get to the bottom of what she was feeling and give us actionable items to help improve her sleep. We will seek out sessions in the future if need be. I would recommend to anyone!

~ Whitney M.

You have a gift to tap into the root of the issue where the answers can be found. You're a compassionate guide to those willing to listen to their soul’s message.”

~ Bridgette M.

"I was able to discover and resolve a few of my critical concerns about my future. I was made to feel assured and secure."

~ Annette L.

"I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the healing today!! I feel so much lighter and happier! I am sure the divine has called you to heal humanity with such a beautiful gift! May you be always blessed and blossom!! Your light illuminates every heart you touch!"

~ Kiran B.