Get to know Julie Cass

Julie Cass

Julie is a born leader. The one who cheers you on and does not accept excuses because she knows your Higher Self. She is the one who dreams big and sees big. She holds a vision of leading trailblazers into a new era, where individuals are empowered to step into their greatness. She is that girl who lights up a room. Her enthusiasm is infectious. It is difficult to leave her presence without changing. Julie is the glue that keeps us together. You cannot leave her presence without feeling changed. She is our genie in a bottle.

Julie is a best-selling author, certified health & life coach, business strategist, certified hypnotist, and yoga instructor with a passion for helping others find the balance between external success and internal peace.

Julie began her entrepreneur journey in her early 20’s where she opened her first successful spa and wellness centre. She was able to grow the business to over 7 figures in year one while achieving 5 star customer reviews. Julie learned a lot about success in these early years in business and how her own limiting beliefs caused her to be successful in her career but at a huge cost to her personal health and wellness.

Since then, she has worked on evolving her own mindset of what success is and that ultimate success happens when all areas in life are thriving.

Before forming the Positive Change Group, her latest venture was owner and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business venture overseeing hundreds of employees. She grew her business every year by as much as 45%.

She has since coached and trained thousands of business professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their own business and personal joy. Julie’s does this by helping people discover their unlimited potential and how to remove their own limitations around success and happiness. Julie believes that incorporating wellness in the workplace has a direct effect on the engagement of employees and overall success and profitability of the business.

Julie’s business acumen coupled with her expertise in mental wellness and emotional healing makes her approach as a coach, trainer, and keynote speaker unique.

Julie shares her expertise across social media and public platforms, having appeared on Global TV, CHCH, and CP24. She speaks on issues of mental health, wellbeing, stress management, and leadership excellence.

Published in multiple publications including Canadian Living and Canadian Business Journal, Julie writes on topics of leadership and personal fulfillment and is the bestselling author of ‘Me First’. Her book is a testament to why a good relationship with yourself improves all aspects of life.

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Julie has spoken to thousands at conferences and companies across North America. Her engaging and real approach of bringing together business expertise and emotional healing makes her an exceptional speaker promoting attendees to take inspired action. She adds extra value by combining her certification in EFT, Hypnotism and Master Life Coaching with her wisdom of over 25 years as a successful entrepreneur and leader.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys reading, cooking, nature, being active and spending quality time with her husband, kids, family and friends.