Get to Know Robin Dewhurst

Robin Dewhurst

Robin Dewhurst- MA Th (SCP) RP

Robin has 1000 gifts. She is the one that can bring you to your past and heal generational wounds. There is this sense that she already knows you, and knows about you. You may have energetically met from afar. Her energy undeniably pulls you in. Despite this, Robin is yet to fully appreciate all of her talents because they are constantly evolving as she dives deeper into “whole healing.” Some say; “There is something magical about her.” Experience a meditation with her, and you are guaranteed to leave with goosebumps. We are in awe. She is indeed our connector.

Robin is from the Georgian Bay area and has been in the healing arts for over 20 years, using a combination of theta healing, hypnosis, psychotherapy and reiki. Robin specializes in spiritual healing to help heal generational wounds, negative core beliefs, addictions, anxiety and releasing old patterns and energy.