Sacred Space

Jenn Silvaggi talks about the heart of sisterhood and authenticity.

9/27/20232 min read

Sacred Space

The Heart of Sisterhood

To hold space for someone simply means being present for someone without judgment. This may look like listening without talking or imposing your thoughts and feelings. However, within the realm of sisterhood, holding space is more sacred. It invokes power. The power to witness, heal, shift, and release. More importantly, the power to bond and create.

As we navigate our journey, we learn that holding space without imposing beliefs becomes vital because thoughts become actions or inaction. When we feel we are not smart enough, we play small; when we believe we are broken, we won't fly. Our beliefs limit how we move forward, and we carry this cause and effect with us. Hence, who and what we consume is the oxygen that forms our intention. These beliefs (whether our own or imposed) become our identity.

Therefore, when you find a group of women who hold sacred space, observe the sharp contrast. You will notice that no one questions your capability, potential, or belonging. In fact, for the first time, you are genuinely allowed to be your authentic self without judgement or persecution. There are no restraints, demands, or conditions, and the limiting beliefs you once had will have shifted because healthy modelling and relationships allow you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You can do anything now because you feel safe doing so. This container you have created is reliable and fierce. That is the magic of sisterhood.


This is more than a community. It is where like-minded, spiritually conscious women unite to weave and mend. Remain open and curious in this space and watch the layers unfold. You will discover who you were meant to be, connect to your true self and feel empowered to do so by being so lovingly held by those around you. Your wildest dreams become reality, and it is evident that the meaning you have been searching for is right there. Your worth or purpose was never something to find extrinsically. It has always been within; you just require the right environment to find it. You are and have always been enough.

Calling All Sisters

The universe is calling. It is time to build women up, nurture that divine feminine energy, spread light, and heal ourselves and each other. Collectively, we can awaken from the numbness of our routine life, the recent turmoil, and the suppression of systems. We have free will to step back into our power, and as a whole, we are stronger.


Take a deep breath close your eyes.

Listen to these words:



Repeat until you feel a sense of calm and know that you are seen!

This sacred space (Hypnosis Healers) is our heart centre. It is a place to feel free and soar to your most incredible heights. A place to be loved and a place to call home. Welcome, we have been waiting for you.

By Jenn Silvaggi