Letting Go To Heal

Julie Cass takes you through a tapping exercise to help you let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Julie Cass

9/15/20235 min read

It is September and welcome to our first vlog video post of hypnosis healers.

Our intention is to do this regularly just to give tips on emotional healing and being able to live your most blissful life. We believe that is exactly why we were here and that's exactly what we're intended to do.

This month's theme is all about letting go. In hypnosis we do this as a treatment in order to bring new programming in or we change the wiring if the faulty wiring tells us; it's self doubt, self criticism, maybe we have imposter syndrome. In order to rewire to a new program, we need to let go of that old program which creates gunk in our tank. If you think about it in another way, it’s like if you wanted to clean out a pool what you're doing is you're cleaning out some of that gunky water in order to put freshwater in.

Think of your healing journey in a similar way. To get clarity, we need to get rid of some of the gunk that is fogging us, that is keeping us from our true self, which is luminescent beings, that we are meant to be. So, in clearing out the gunk; what I encourage you to do, because September is powerful, powerful time for letting go. We look at the rhythms of nature and nature's beginnings. You're going to start to see the leaves of the trees turn color and then they're going to start to fall. We're starting to see nature let it go.

Follow nature’s rhythm and let go of what in our body no longer serves us emotionally, that's been bogging us down. This allows us to go into the winter months, really in a deep, restorative way. It fosters a kind of new growth and a new mental program.

There are a couple ways that we can do this. We obviously do this hypnosis through what we call ‘mental detox’. Now I want to walk you through a little process so that you can do your own mental detox.

The first thing would be to find a quiet place because when we are in a quiet place, when we take a few moments just to connect to the inner self which is the powerful self that knows everything, you can create radical change.

So set the stage. You can pause the video here.

I want you to maybe play soft music, if you need to light a candle, something for inspiration, maybe diffuse some essential oils. Whatever it is, just get yourself to a quiet place. Close the door where you can spend a few minutes by yourself.

Now once you've done that, I want us to take a couple of deep breaths. We're inhaling through the nose, filling the belly with air, and holding it at the top. On the exhale, ask for clarity, letting go of what needs to come out.

Inhale and repeat this a few times. You can also exhale and release through the nose. It's super powerful to do that, too. And now we’re going to ask our higher self, what is it that no longer serves me? What can I let go of? And I want you to take a pen and paper and write that out. You might be letting go of fear; is there something specifically that you're afraid of? Maybe it's worrying about your children. Maybe it's worrying about not getting that promotion. Whatever that is when there's fear around anything, I want you to just write that down.

If there's something that is creating resistance in the body, what is creating resistance? We have this saying in hypnosis that, what we bring our consciousness to, or what we accept, means I'm no longer denying what is holding me back. I'm willing to accept it. Then I can transcend it. I can let it go.

But I can't let go of what I'm in denial about. So, this is an intimate process between you and you. You're just going to write down the things that don't make you feel good, any resistance in the body where you feel fear, where you feel insecurity or imposter syndrome. I want you to write the connection to what that is. What's that thing that's making you feel that way?

And then once you do that, you can simply write that down and now you can look at that page and say “Ah, this is what's creating stress in my body”. Then you can simply say, “I'm ready to let this all go”.

I want you to follow along with me because we're going to do this in a powerful way through the body.

Tapping exercise:

I'm ready to let go of all that no longer serves me.

I'm ready to let go of the fear and the doubt and the pain that I've been holding on to for way too long.

I'm ready to let go of this fear that feels disgusting in my body, this pit in my stomach or my head.

I'm ready to let this go (and you can change the words to suit you).

I'm ready to let go of what no longer serves me.

I'm beginning to start to realize I can let this go.

I can let this go.

I'm ready to let go of what no longer serves me.

And I want you to repeat that pattern a few times, just doing that emotional release for you.

Now, repeat that pattern of letting go and I want you to name it if it's fear, if it's fear of rejection, if it's fear of not getting a promotion, if it's fear around the safety of your children, if it's fear around your health. Name it as you go through the body on the Meridian points. And then when you start to do that a few times, repeating you're going to feel a shift. Now, what's beautiful?

You can take out that piece of paper and now you can create space for a new program. That new program might look like I'm ready to thrive. I'm ready to illuminate. I'm ready to be in my natural state, which is peace and harmony. And you can do that as you tap.

I'm ready to thrive.

I'm ready to illuminate.

I'm ready to be in my natural state, which is peace and harmony.

I am ready to shine.

I no longer dim my light.

I'm ready to be seen and heard.

I'm ready to illuminate.

I'm ready to shine.

You are starting to create that new program now. Ceremoniously, you can write down all the things that don't serve you and then you can put a big red X over top of it indicating that I reject that program. And then write down the new program and affirm that. Every day tapping supercharges it. Affirm that every day and this beautiful program of releasing and letting go will allow you to have the clarity in the space to reprogram and to re-code to a different story which creates a different reality.

The more you work with this, you can practice this a few minutes every day, and you will see magic happen in your life. You will see and feel incredible shifts because ultimately emotional release and the emotional re-coding is what makes this world exactly what you want it to be. You change your frequency. The Universe can show up and support you in a very different way.

You got this.

Thank you.

Happy, happy times from Hypnosis Healers!

By Julie Cass