How to Jump Scared

Step by step instructions on how to follow your heart to make changes.

Jennifer Silvaggi

11/8/20233 min read

How to Jump Scared and Follow Your Heart to Make a Drastic Change

1) Envision what you want this to look like. Be as specific as you can be, then decide when this can happen, and if you will let it. Sometimes the only obstacle that gets in the way is ourselves and the fear of unfamiliarity.

2) Decide when you will allow this change to happen and begin to make the shifts in your mind. Allow space for the new to form and percolate in your mind. Our brain tends to like the familiar, so make it so. You have the power to create that shift. All you need is the thought of this new life, and the feeling of gratification associated with it for your conscious brain to buy in.

3) Lean into the discomfort. Every time we lean away from the fear, we are sending our brain the message that this thing you are avoiding is a danger/a threat. The more we lean in, the more our brain seeks out the evidence that this change is safe. This is why we tend to have such big shifts after times of discomfort. We have just experienced a challenge in our life that we thought might be too difficult but we make it through. Consequently, we teach ourselves that we can do hard things, even the things that seem unimaginable, like walking away from a career. Start small. Try leaning into something that you do not like doing, and watch the shifts occur as you lean in.

4) Do the shadow work. Look at this new version of yourself. Envision her/him. What are the characteristics that you need to acquire in order to make this shift. Further, what are the traits that hold you back?

5) Take inspired action. Begin living like you are at the end. All the little steps count. Keep a confirmation journal and document all the shifts like they are wins and evidence that you are truly getting there. The more evidence you have, the more you believe this is possible for yourself.

6) Do the homework. Start your day with an affirmation that will resonate with you. Like, “I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I know that it will.” Put this on post it notes and place the notes where your eyes will catch them. Remind your subconscious mind that this is something that you KNOW is on its way. Keep a gratitude journal and document how grateful you are for this very thing to have happened. Doing this daily creates a new soundtrack for your mind. For example, My life is better than I could have ever imagined now that I am living in Bali. Just the sound of the ocean makes my heart sing.

7) Accept that there may be an adjustment and embrace this as if everything was working out for you in perfect time. There is a lesson in everything, this only means you are getting to this transformation even wiser than before. The new you loves evolving.

8) Give yourself permission to have, be or do ANYTHING you desire. You are the creator of your own destiny, and living for others will not get you to your desired state.

9) Remember to breathe through it. This is FUN. You can completely re-invent yourself if you enjoy the process. Don’t let the emotional brain win, unless it is embracing excitement. And remember, you can trick you brain into believing anything with a thought and corresponding feeling. “I feel so alive now that I am living the life I am truly wanting!”

10) Embrace the believers. Create the container that allows you to be your authentic self. This is where you grow. When we feel seen and heard we believe it, even in those moments of fear.

11) Remind yourself that fear is False Evidence About (what is) Real. Fear is merely rumours we perpetuate in our own minds. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. Would you allow them to create false gossip about themselves. Nope-never!

12) Enjoy the ride! It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. That’s where the sweet spot is.