How to Find the Answers

Hellen talks about accessing the wizard of Oz. Bonus meditation included!

Hellen Buttigieg

10/2/20231 min read

It's so interesting to me that we're always looking for external magic to help us find the qualities that we already possess but fail to recognize.

It's very much like the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’. All the characters had exactly what they were looking for deep inside, and Dorothy? Well, she already had everything she needed to get herself home. But she failed to recognize that, she didn't believe.

So what hypnosis does is allow us to access that all powerful Oz that has all the answers. And guess what? That all powerful Oz is you. You already have everything you need and what I love about hypnosis is that it allows us to peek behind that curtain and access all of those amazing qualities that will allow us to be all that we can be.

So just remember you are the all-powerful Oz and you just need a way to look behind that curtain and find the answers to all the questions you have inside.

by Hellen Buttigieg