Good, Good, Good Vibes

Everyone is talking about “vibing higher”! What does this mean? And – how do I get there? Should I get there? Where is there?

Robin Dewhurst

3/12/20242 min read

Good Good Good Vibrations!!

Everyone is talking about “vibing higher”! What does this mean? And – how do I get there? Should I get there? Where is there?

We ARE energetic beings! We are made up of energy, atoms and molecules which are in a constant state of vibration! The Universe is in constant motion and so are we! Our bodies vibrate! Our organs vibrate! Our cells vibrate! Our thoughts are vibrations and so are our emotions! We are walking, talking, rocking beings!

When parts of our bodies and our energy system start to vibrate lower from environmental toxicity, including conflict and stress around us, poor quality food and from the language we use about ourselves (YES! Thoughts and words matter!) we get sick, depressed and anxious, unable to “flow with ease” in the universe. We get stuck in our mindset and in our circumstances.

We know that in the quantum energy world one energy rule is that LIKE vibrations or energy attract LIKE vibrations or energy. Soooooo.. If we are vibing low we attract low vibing things to us. The common cold, diseases all vibrate at certain levels too as well as other people. We attract circumstances to us that are not in our best and highest good and we can feel stuck there.

The good news is that we can increase our vibe!

What makes us feel good? What brings us joy? These increase our vibrations.

Do we need to hang with our besties more?

Do we need to throw that dance party in our kitchen?

Salt bath anyone? Meditation in the bath?

Focusing on our chakras and envisioning them clear and strong when we are on that couch... elevate the couch.. and hit the hammock! Everything is better in a hammock!

Outside! Natural structures, like water and trees and rocks increase our vibes! It’s so easy to do this when we just step outside! Breathe it in. Go for a walk or just take off your shoes and let the earth energy ground you!

Noticing the beauty around us and watching our thoughts and the things we say is so important. Do we grumble...? Do we sit in judgement of ourselves and others?

Are we honouring ourselves in our thoughts and actions, keeping our boundaries? There is nothing like feeling overwhelmed with the needs of others around us to bring us down. Do we love ourselves enough to guard our time?

Are we laughing and do we smile? Do you know a smile and open hands cue our brains that it is safe, and we are receptive and open to life around us.

A very good resource on raising our vibe is Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It contains an emotional scale in it- the vibrations of emotions in order – with Joy being of the highest vibration and the easiest to manifest while in it and shame being the lowest of the vibrations (you can also google vibrational emotional scale Hicks).

When you find yourself on the list (Where you are currently in this moment) focus on the emotion above it and feel what it would feel like to be there. Feel it in your whole body and remembering a time when you did feel that way. Feeling that memory in your whole body and embracing that emotion. Meditate on it and by the time you are done this AND done reading this blog.. You WILL have already gone up in your vibrational energy!

And so it is! NOW! Go attract some groovy vibrations around you now... see what surrounds you!

In Love and Laughter